ampm Store Join “Drives To Save Lives” Effort

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Beginning April 1, ampm stores around the LA/San Bernardino region will be displaying their support for Steven’s Hope for Children.  Up to 160 locations will be accepting $1 donations for a colorful image of a child as part of Drives To Save Lives.

According to Steven’s Hope President, Tony Cappelli, “The purpose of “Drives To Save Lives” is to mobilize as many people as we can in the southern California are to take action to help the families we serve at Steven’s Hope.  We want to be able to help more families at more hospitals and we need the support of many communities to make that happen.”

Activities for Drives To Save Lives include drives for items for children (toys, games, clothing), helping with Steven’s Hope projects such as Project: LoveBox and the Klothing Kids Project, awareness campaigns by using social media, and volunteering.

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