2020 Leadership Team Announced

Posted by on January 8, 2020

Stevens’s Hope 2020 Leadership Team Ready for Growth

Phil Hakopian is returning to once again be the Chairman of the Board for Steven’s Hope for Children Board of Directors.  This is the third year Mr. Hakopian has been charged with leading the organization.

The Executive Board of Directors includes, Mr. Hakopian, Johnny Scharnweber of Ringo Financial as Treasurer, Andy Nguyen of Nguyen Law Group as Secretary, and Tony Cappelli as President.

The the remainder of the voting Board of Directors also includes Bobby Del Real of The Renken Company, Justin Johnson of Goosehead Insurance and Shelley Hoover of Dickerson Employee Benefits.

 The Associate Board of Directors consists of Damon Santos of Banner Bank, Brett Strauss of SDP Payroll and Richard Munkvold of Frontier Homes. 

“We are super excited about this year”, said Phil Hakopian.  “A lot of changes were made in the second half of 2019 that will give Steven’s Hope a real chance to thrive and grow.  It wasn’t easy, but now we are in a great spot for 2020 and beyond.”

Steven’s Hope is still looking to expand the Board of Directors.  For information, contact Steven’s Hope for Children at 909-373-0678 and ask for Tony or Phil.

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