Corina’s family was our first referral from the Loma Linda University Medical Center. Hospital Social worker Ernest Castro contacted SHFC and explained about the need of fourteen year-old Corina and her mother, Maricela. Corina was recovering from her second heart surgery procedure.

“We are so happy to be able to help our first family,” said Tony Cappelli. “This is what Steven’s Hope is about. Here is a family from Mexico, in a situation where they need help.”

“We haven’t been able to speed up the recovery process but, at least we were able to provide food, transportation and a nice place to stay,” said co-founder Sandy Cappelli. “We also received some help from a local church that helps get supplies to the family, and has been driving them to church.”

Originally, Corina and her mom were supposed to stay for a week or two. However, due to some post-surgery complication, it was almost two months.

“They had no transportation or money so we had a local cab company use vouchers to get them to the hospital and the store,” according to SHFC’s Grace Vick. “We had everything translated so they could understand. All in all it worked out great. We were happy to have helped out.”