Families Benefit As #GivingTuesday Exceeds Expectation

Posted by on November 29, 2016

T2016-gt-logo-wdate1hirty-five or more families will be receiving $100 food and gas cards at the annual Winter Wonderland Party. The celebration is to distribute toys to many of the families being supported by Steven’s Hope throughout the year. This is the first time the organization will be able to provide every family the extra financial support during the holidays. Two months ago, this was not even a remote possibility.

Then, one day, Nick, a volunteer attending Cal State Fullerton asked Executive Director Tony Cappelli if his marketing team of 14 could do a project for Steven’s Hope. After discussing options, Panorama, would try to put life in #GivingTuesday event for Steven’s Hope.

The concept behind  #GivingTuesday was to get individuals to focus on others after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Historically, Steven’s Hope didn’t do very well on GT.  Ok, past results weren’t good enough to be considered dismal.  But the group of 14 set out a plan. And what a plan!

The Winter Wonderland Project had received a gift of $2500 that was to be used to support families with food cards.  But for the 35 families that were coming, there was a shortfall of $1000.  And, if there could be $100 gas to every family, the shortfall would be $4500.  A really big jump from last year.

Panorama did its thing with social media posts and awareness prior to the event.   The day went well but it didn’t look like the goal would be met, so they all waited until the next day.  As of Thursday, the total raised on the #GivingTuesday donation page was over $6500!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters who gave so generously and to the group of 14, who crafted the campaign to create awareness of the need.  Can’t wait for next year!!

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