How You Can Help

As a nonprofit,  Steven’s Hope depends completely on the support of donors and volunteers.  Here are ways you can help.


Your financial contributions are essential to continue assistance for families. Each donation, large or small, one time or recurreing, is appreciated not only by Steven’s Hope for Children, but with the families who will benefit from your generosity.  To donate online using a credit card, choose a One Time Donation or a Recurring Donation.  We can also get your information from you over the phone. We are here to help you feel comfortable with your donation and confident that your intentions are met.




Business Sponsorships

Steven’s Hope offers unique benefits for businesses who would like to take an active role in supporting our charity.


There are many ways to help Steven’s Hope. For many, the act of helping, being of service and working with others is an extremely fulfilling. Volunteering with Steven’s Hope provides that type of opportunity where the action of one individual can make a difference. The actions of many can influence multitudes.

Below are just a few of the volunteering opportunities available at Steven’s Hope right now! If you have a talent that can assist a family in their time of need, or like to be a team player working for a common goal, please call us today. We will work with you to make the most of your desires to impact a life.

Volunteer Opportunities

General Office Answering phones, light filing, working with staff daily duties. 2+ hours per day M-F. Skills: Good attitude, phone manners, basic computer skills (Word, Excel, etc.) Reports to: Office Mgr, President.

Website Update & Maintenance Duties include reviewing, updating and adding functionality to Steven’s Hope website. 3+ hours per week. Skills: Understanding of WordPress, internet and social media. Reports to: President.

Event Volunteers Volunteers for events including annual golf tournament, car show, and other functions during the year. Must have good “team-based” attitude. Hours will vary by event. Report to: Special Events, Programs Director, President.

Newsletter writers/editor Write stories and develop layout for quarterly newsletter. Skills include good knowledge of English and grammar. Computer skills require use of Word, Publisher. Stories can be written anytime but must be prepared and submitted quarterly. Reports to: President.

Donor Management This position requires attention to detail. Duties include updating donor records, creating and managing mailings to donors and input of information into donor database. Skills: Attention to detail, correct data input, good personal skills, understanding data, Word, Excel. Reports to: Development Department/President.

Ready to volunteer? Let us know!