HERE IS THE PROBLEM: Dealing with the extra financial strain of a sick child can leave a family looking to their friends and family for help.  Thousands of parents have gone to fundraising sites in hopes of receiving donations that would help bridge the financial gap.  However, there are problems with trying to raise funds this way.

* While these online fundraising sites are free to set up, as much as 10% or more of every donation is held back by the site for processing fees, software costs, credit card fees and transaction fees.
* The donors may not get a receipt for the tax deductible contribution.
* Most families don’t know how to do fundraisers or how to use these sites.
* The parents should be focusing on the child’s recovery rather than being a professional fundraiser.


Steven’s Hope has been working on a fundraising solution to help families deal with their stressful finances.  It’s the Steven’s Hope way to help families help themselves.

Qualified families will be able to create their own “Family” page on the Raising Hope site. and gets these benefits as well.

*  Steven’s Hope provides families their own sites and absorbs 100% of the cost of the site.
*  Steven’s Hope will help the family build a “team of support” to raise funds
*  Donors will get tax deductible receipts since the donation was made to Steven’s Hope, a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
*  Steven’s Hope will work with the “team of support” to manage the website and host manageable fundraisers.
*  Families will be able to turn in expenses incurred on behalf of their child.
*  Each participating family may receive a matching grant from Steven’s Hope for up to $500.*

Raising Hope site can be found at http://support.stevenshope.org. Participant sites are available for signups immediately.  Family sites are approved after review and will be limited.

For more information, please send an email to raisinghope@stevenshope.org with RAISING HOPE in the subject line.

*Grants for Raising Hope families may be available depending on available funding and based on criteria that is subject to change without notice. For details, call the Development Department at Steven’s Hope for Children.  909-373-0678.