Byron — Child

rotator_02Age: 11 years Home: Uganda, Africa
Diagnosis: Sickle Cell w/complications

On vacation from Africa with his family, Byron thought everything about California would be fun and games. Seeing his big brother starting college in La Sierra should have been some of the best times of his life. But after the family’s first rainy week in California, Byron got very sick. Being so close to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital might have been a blessing, but having to stay an extra 42 days after being discharged from the hospital to receive treatment at home, the severity of his illness was very clear. Byron’s family knew that he and some of his siblings suffered from Sickle Cell, but after coming to California, Doctors think that he contracted samonella. This complicated his Sickle Cell and created a terrible bone infection. Now using a walker and sporting a new cast, this amazing little boy still has high hopes of getting a little vacation time in with mom when he gets closer to the end of his medication. So don’t look now but we are certain this light hearted sweet boy and his mom will be on their way to Disneyland before they return home to his dad and sisters back in Africa. While we know staying in the apartment in now sunny CA is fun, there really is nothing quite like home.