Lily — Child


Age: 8 months
Home: Ridgecrest, CA
Diagnosis: It’s Complicated

Lily was born not breathing in May of 2010. After an emergency transport from Ridgecrest to Loma Linda University  Medical Center, she was diagnosed with several medical conditions, including a genetic problem so rare she’s the first person to have it. Lily struggles with holes in her heart, excess fluid in her brain, and breathing difficulties. Because of her muscle issues, Lily cannot hold her head up on her own.  For many, the situation would seem hopeless.  However, her parents, Joey and Danielle did not give up.   Other nonprofits that offered temporary housing turned them away because of Lily’s condition. They prayed for a way to be able to handle this time away from home with their sick child and a healthy 4 year old.

When they thought they would have to give up, Steven’s Hope for Children was able to provide this family an apartment as a temporary home close to Loma Linda University Medical  Center. The computer in the apartment gave Joey a way to work remotely.   Because finances were tight, Steven’s Hope provided transportation and food expenses for the family.  The volunteers held a party for older sister Lorelei to give her the special birthday party she wanted.  Volunteers provided them with food,  friendship, and love.  But more than anything, Steven’s Hope was able to keep this family together at a critical time in their lives and gave them a chance to save Lily’s life.

Lily has been discharged to go home now, and her problems are far from over.  But they know that if something were to happen, Steven’s Hope would be there for them again.