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When you adopt a child/family for our Winter Wonderland Project, you directly impact a child and the family for the Christmas season while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Hospital social workers send hundreds of requests for the Winter Wonderland Project. These families are hoping someone like you will be able to fill their Christmas wishes. When you elect to adopt a child or family, you’ve already started making their wishes come true.

Your adopted child’s gift wishes will be sent to you to use as a guide.  Kid’s requests are not always possible, sometimes difficult to find or too expensive, so don’t worry if you have to go with age appropriate gifts rather than the exact gifts requested.  You can purchase one gift or several for your child(ren).  It’s recommended to give a few gifts to each child, unless something costs a bit more.  There is not a required minimum or maximum amount spent, so donate what you feel is appropriate.


1. Call, email or fax this form to Steven’s Hope® to let us know you would like to sponsor a child or family.
2. After social workers have emailed us the children’s wishes (around the first or second week of November), we will email you information and wishes for the child along with instructions for wrapping and tagging the gifts.
3. Bring wrapped gifts to our corporate office in Upland by predetermined date.

Steven’s Hope® simply cannot do this without your help. This year, the goal is to provide gifts to over 2,000 children.  Let’s do this together!  If you know anyone else who can help adopt a child, volunteer, host a toy drive, or help with a financial sponsorship, please let us know.



CITY: ________________________________   ST: ___   ZIP: __________-______

DAY PHONE: ________________________ MOBILE: _______________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________

Please send completed form by fax to 909-981-4578 Attn: Sandy or
by email to wonderland@stevenshope.org


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