Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Table Captain!

Thank you for considering being a Table Captain for the Annual There Is Hope Luncheon. This is the largest event for Steven’s Hope and is the biggest fundraiser of the year! So many people are needed to make this event successful, and we are so excited that you are considering being part of the ripple of 2020 for so many families.

So, let’s get started! Below are four attachments that will help you be successful in filling your table.  Remember, just do the best you can!  Some Table Captains have off years and only bring 3 or 4 to the table.  Others may fill two or more tables.  It all works out and together we can impact lives. 

The first attachment is the Table Captain Packet which explains about the goals for each of the Table Captains and additional information. 

The second is the Guest List, a list of the people that you have invited and have confirmed that they will join you at your table on November 7.  This is a fillable .pdf form.  It is very important that the each individual entered here has their name spelled correctly, a phone number and an email address.  

The third is the “Unable To Attend” List. This is for the people that you invite who state they are interested but because of work or prior commitments, cannot attend the luncheon.  After the luncheon, we will work with you and reach out to these people and introduce them to Steven’s Hope.

Lastly, you also have Save The Date card images.  When your guest say they will join you, be sure to send them the Save The Date card.  While electronic images are nice and easy, sometimes taking that extra step to mail them the actual Save The Date card works real well.  It may go up on the fridge, a bulletin board at work or your guest may invite someone else, too!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the office or send your question to update@stevenshope.org.

Thank you, again!!

2019 Table Captain packet

2019 Table Captain Guest List

2019 Table Captain Unable to Attend List

2019 Save The Date Card (png)

2019 Save The Date Card (pdf)