Age: 2

Home: Irvine, CA

Diagnosis: Intracranial Tumor

Caylee was living a normal life with her big sister Joy, her mom, Jamie and her dad, Chris.  But shortly before Thanksgiving, Caylee wasn’t feeling well.  After several visits to doctors, her case was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, many miles from their peaceful home in Orange County.

Sadly, Caylee was diagnosed with a rare intracranial tumor.  At the age of 2 she had 6 major surgeries in 13 days.  One of Caylee’s surgeries was to remove a section of bone in her neck requiring pins to hold her neck in place.  Another surgery required a trachea tube to installed, rendering her speechless. 

With funds dwindling away quickly and learning that Caylee would still need 40 proton radiation treatments, the family was left scared and worried. They found the care they needed at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. While their home in Orange County didn’t seem very far away from the hospital, travel back and forth would be a major struggle physically and financially.

Because of her condition, Caylee would need to get proton radiation treatments 5 days a week for 8 weeks and she would need to be sedated each time.  It was then a ray of sunshine came to them in Steven’s Hope. By providing them a place to stay near the hospital for the length of the treatment schedule, Steven’s Hope was able to be an answer to their prayers.

During their stay at a Steven’s Hope apartment, they received support from volunteers who showered them with kind gestures, treats for the family, meals when cooking seemed impossible, gifts of dress up items for the girls and much more. During their stay, Jamie gave birth to Isaiah, Caylee’s baby brother.  After Isaiah was born, Kim, a professional photographer, provided a private family photo shoot in the apartment. It was the first time all five members of the family were together.  These are the good memories that will last a lifetime.

Since Caylee’s return home, life has not been easy.  She struggles daily with her continued illness, additional treatments and daily pain.  Through all of the pain, struggles and suffering, Caylee’s family is grateful for every day that they got to spend together as a family during a truly challenging time.