2020 Calendar Set and Still Filling Up

Posted by on January 8, 2020

With every new year, there is a new calendar.  The same is true with Steven’s Hope for Children.

Naturally, there will be the Drives To Save Lives Golf Classic, and There Is Hope Luncheon and Winter Wonderland.  Those are the easy ones.  But what else is planned and in planning?

Well, several people have been approaching Steven’s Hope with fun ideas for events and fundraisers.  There will be a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. There might even be a spring fashion show!  If you’ve got an idea, give us a call. 

So, here are the dates we know about as of January 1 2020!


February 9:       Family Day at A Lot of Good Thrift
March 17:          St. Patricks Day at El Torito in Ontario
April 5:              Family Day
May 4:               Drives To Save Lives Golf Classic at Red Hill Country Club
June 15:            BackPack Drive Starts
June 21:            Family Day
July 3:               Ballpark Night at LoanMart Field
October 25:      Family Day
November 1:    WinterWonderland 2020 Kick Off
November 10: There Is Hope Luncheon
November 26: Turkey Trot
December:       WinterWonderland Party


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