Children and parents can spend hours in a hospital or clinic waiting room with nothing to do.  Knowing that for many, especially those receiving chemotherapy, this is an often repeated process with nothing to necessarily look forward to or to make the time pass more quickly.

PROJECT: LoveBox is a way that children and their parents can know that someone is thinking of them and that we care.  It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, it’s not overly time consuming.  What it is a great way for friends, group, families and staff to work together for the benefit of another person.  The result is a feeling of gratitude for the one giving and the one receiving this small offering.

So, to make a LoveBox, review the list of acceptable items, gather them up or go shopping for them.  When all your stuffing is done, get your Official LoveBox from Steven’s Hope for Children or just get a shoe box and put all the age/gender appropriate items in the box.  Be sure to mark the age & gender of the LoveBox contents. Then, bring it to:

Steven’s Hope for Children, 1014 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite B, Upland, CA 91786

Once received, your completed LoveBoxes will be inventoried and distributed to one of many area hospitals and treatment centers. Here is just a short list:

This is a wonderful opportunity to get young kids involved in a project as individuals or as a Troop.  For more information call the office at 866-3-STEVEN.