Hearing for the first time that your child needs an organ transplant or treatment such as chemotherapy is a life changing moment–not just for the child, but for the whole family.  As parents, we naturally set out to get the best possible treatment for our child that we can. It’s only natural.

However, with that action comes additional medical expenses, co-pays, countless doctor appointments, travel and medical expenses and possible temporary relocation away from home to get treat at a hospital that specializes in treating the illness of your child.   The physical, emotional and financial strains disrupt the stability of the family as a unit. More saddening is that often, families may realize they do not have the financial resources needed to obtain treatment, possibly life-saving treatment, for their child.  That is a decision that far too many families have to make.

At Steven’s Hope for Children, we have developed programs and projects to help families get through these challenging times and provide support to these families, to lift them up, and to do our best keep the family together as a unit.  Our programs, Housing for Hope , Fill A Need, and We Care are continuing to be successful in helping the whole family stay together, heal faster and make health choices that might otherwise not be an option.