Hillside Kids Spread Kindness With LoveBoxes — Supporter

What happens when a local church committed to kids and supporting the community decide to help those less fortunate? Magic happens.

In July, Hillside Community Church had planned their annual week-long “Summer Blast” for kids. Hundreds of kids get together to have fun, learn about faith and do something to help others. This time, the outreach was to help families of children with serious illness by partnering with the Steven’s Hope for Children Project:LoveBox.


Over 350 LoveBoxes were donated by kids at Hiillside Community Church Summer Blast.

Many local families receive treatment for Cancer or other illnesses at hospitals that can last for hours. Then, they have to repeat the treatment multiple times per week. It’s enough to lose hope and to feel forgotten.

Thanks to the kids at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA church, Steven’s Hope received over 350 LoveBoxes stuffed with games, pens, magazines, small toys and a whole lot of love.

“The Summer Blast kids have no idea how much impact their efforts and love will have on the sick children, siblings and parents,” said Co-Founder Sandy Cappelli. “The children receiving these boxes will know that someone is thinking about them and that someone, hundreds of Hillside kids are thinking of them.”

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