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panorama-logo-samplePanorama Marketing Agency is a student run marketing agency, made up of undergraduates in the California State University of Fullerton branch of the American Marketing Association. The team is made up of passionate students, who are creative at heart, and eager to improve their craft. Each member was handpicked for their expertise in one area or another, be it research, creativity, strategy, or any other number of tangible marketing skills.

The team is made up of 14 students, their names are:


Panorama decided to help Steven’s Hope for Children for a couple of reasons. First of which is the for same reason that Steven’s Hope exists – there is no better way to spend time than to help children and families going through tough moments in life. Those involved in the agency felt compelled to use their marketing skills in a way that would both expand their knowledge and improve the lives of others. Meanwhile, only a handful of the agency had previously worked on real life campaigns for nonprofits. So, to diversify member’s skill set, and put to use classroom knowledge, the agency decided to help SHFC.

The reason for Panorama’s existence is simple: To showcase the skills of CSUF marketing students to the surrounding community and to transfer classroom taught concepts into real world situations. The agency is in place for students to prove that they are capable professionals in a world where years of experience is required for entry level jobs. Additionally, it is a environment where less experienced marketing students have the opportunity to learn from the more experienced marketers within the agency. Overall, it was created to foster an environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive.