Scarlet — Child

We had many supporters ask about the latest status of baby Scarlet.  She was a litlle baby girl who was in desperate need of a heart transplant to save her life.  Her parents, Vince and Alexis, came from Las Vegas to Loma Linda to get the best possible chance for their young daughter.

Well, she got her heart and has been doing wonderfully.  As a matter of fact, the whole family- Mom, Dad and Scarlet, ventured out to Ontario to be part of a big fundraising lunch for Steven’s Hope on November 10.  She looked great but wasn’t impressed as she slept through most of the event.

Her parents are still in the Steven’s Hope apartment and are planning to make a quick trip home to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.

For more information on Scarlet’s story visit or you can click here to read the original letter from Alexis, Scarlet’s Mom.

DECEMBER 2– Here is a link to a news story on Scarlet.