Table Captain Info

Every year, Steven’s Hope hosts a free fundraising luncheon to raise revenue for the upcoming year.  This year, we are in need of a total of 54 Table Captains for our event.  Unfortunately, we are less than six weeks from the event, so the time to act is upon us.

It’s not hard to be a Table Captain.  Basically, your job is to try your best to fill a table of ten for the luncheon.  While the lunch is “free” to all those in attendance, we will be making a very specific ask for financial support.  For some, this may be a bit uncomfortable, but there is no requirement to make a donation.  There is also no minimum donation or no maximum donation.

The goal is to get a table of ten filled, however, if you only bring 8, that’s better than 7, 7 is better than 6, 6 is, well you get the idea.  Invite as many people of influence and affluence to the event as possible.  It’s a good lunch and a good presentation of Steven’s Hope.

To find out more about being a Table Captain, call the Stevens’ Hope office (909-373-0678) and speak Tony or Lulu.  They will review with you the details about what to do, the time line and recommendations for the Table Captain. Additional training will be provided as necessary.