The Steven’s Hope apartments in Loma Linda was the first home our son, Michael “Angel” ever knew. We stayed there after he was released from the NICU and moved from status 1A to status 1B on the heart transplant list at two weeks of age. At three months of age, our son was doing excellent and was moved to status 7 (the doctors say he is a miracle); that is when we were allowed to move back to our real home. The Steven’s Hope apartments are truly a home away from home and everyone there cares and makes you feel comfortable.

Our son is now 2 1/2 years old and doing wonderful. They took him off of his heart medication 3 months ago and he seems to be doing great. He is our miracle and we thank God every day for him! Looking back, I don’t know what we would’ve done without Steven’s Hope. Thank You So Much!

               Michael & Lousia Rios, Las Vegas, Nevada


The amazing hospitality, love, support, and kindness Steven’s  Hope has showed us is more then we will ever be able to repay. They’ve  taken us under their wings and made us a part of their family. Tony and Sandy  started Steven’s Hope due to a tragedy in their lives but have turned that  tragedy into a miracle for dozens of families, us being one of them. We are so
lucky to be part of the Steven’s Hope family. Thank you, Tony and Sandy, and everyone at Stevens Hope for Children,
               Alexis Griffith,  Las Vegas, Nevada.